Dottling launches a virtually indestructible portable safe for transporting your valuables

Jet-setters with a James Bond fetish will wonder how they ever did without "The Guardian", a luxury portable safe created by German safe manufacturer Döttling.


By Claire Roberts

Jet-setters with a James Bond fetish, bulging wallet and valuable watches or jewellery that they regularly transport with them on their travels will wonder how they ever did without "The Guardian", a high-security safe built into a leather carry case.

Developed in-house by Döttling, a German safe manufacturer famous for creating "The Fortress" - purportedly the world's safest luxury safe - "The Guardian" is made from a carbide component that is virtually bombproof. A combination of carbon-fibre fabric, the material used in bulletproof vests, and polycarbonate, used in anti-riot shields, the multi-walled, cylindrical safe within "The Guardian" is almost as hard as diamond and will destroy any drill or sledgehammer that comes into contact with it.

The safe door at the top of the cylinder can only be opened with a three-digit code. Once you've unlocked it, you can remove your watch or jewellery roll and place your precious cargo inside. And you can sleep easy knowing that if it is stolen, "The Guardian" is fitted with a GPS tracking device, which means you can precisely track down your belongings anywhere in the world.

Just 35cm long and 13.5cm wide, "The Guardian" weighs a shoulder-friendly 4kg. If the quilted leather is not to your taste, just say. Döttling can craft a bespoke outer cover from any conceivable fabric or leather and personalise it by engraving the polished steel handle brackets. And even though it would be a shame to hide it away, if you're worried you may be asking for trouble carrying it, its compact size means it will comfortably fit in your hand luggage.

"The Guardian" costs from £12,715 and is available from

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