Collect Contemporary Jewelry: a new publication by Joanna Hardy

Joanna Hardy presents her new book 'Collect Contemporary: Jewelry' to guide those wanting to form a collection of jewels.

Collecting Contemporary Jewellery by Joanna Hardy

In the exciting world of contemporary jewellery Joanna Hardy has written the ultimate guide "Collect Contemporary: Jewelry'  to help those who want to know their Kevin Coates from their Andrew Lambs.

From her vast experience as senior specialist in the jewellery department of Sotheby's and with her expertise as a diamond grader, Hardy casts her net far and wide to collect in one small book a bible of who is who in the world of artist jewellers. Hardy has chosen a fascinating array of artists who express themselves in precious materials concentrating their skills into the smallest art from.  Hardy hopes to inspire and educate both women and men to be more adventurous when it comes to buying jewellery.

Much in the same way that contemporary art collectors hunger for information about new and exciting artists, Hardy is treating jewels with the same respect and unearthing the 'antiques of tomorrow'.

"These are the auction names of the future," says Hardy. "At the moment there are lots of artists around the world expressing themselves through jewellery. It would give me huge pleasure to see people enjoy contemporary jewellery in the same way they enjoy contemporary art."  The interest in the artist-jeweller is further helped by the fact that we become more sensitive and increasingly value the stamp of an individual creator. And how much more fun to wear your investment in contemporary art than to hang it on a wall?

This is a must for lovers of jewellery as Hardy looks in depth at the work of 40 contemporary artist jewellers from around the world as well as providing useful information on techniques, galleries and how to care for jewellery. Her selection of jewellers allows for a range of budgets from pieces made out of nylon fishing wire to creations shimmering with precious gems.

The book, published by Thames and Hudson is part of the "Collect Contemporary" series and can be bought on Amazon by clicking here.



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