Chanel's shooting star heralds a new jewellery collection

Les Icônes de Chanel, the fine jewellery collection launching in spring, breathes new life into the Maison’s iconic motifs.

Chanel Entrelacs Étoiles star diamond ring

Coco Chanel’s signature motifs have been incorporated into numerous fine jewellery collections, but somehow we never seem to tire of these timeless emblems. Launching in spring, Mademoiselle’s much-loved camellia flower, comet and feather designs step up for an encore in the new Les Icônes de Chanel fine jewellery collection. Each motif has its own symbolism and story to tell.

Camélia ring in rose gold and diamonds
Chanel Camélia Ajouré ring in rose gold and diamonds (£3,550).

The camellia became Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower after one was given to her by Boy Capel, the love of her life. Seen as a symbol of longevity and purity, it has been reinterpreted again and again in the Maison’s fashion and jewellery creations for almost a century, and is even one of the ingredients in the Hydra Beauty line. The openwork camellia in the Les Icônes collection is available in white or rose gold, and studded with diamonds as though the flowers are covered in morning dew. The Chanel rings, in particular, are a beautiful, contemporary interpretation of the iconic motif.

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Chanel Comète Spirale diamond ring in white gold.

Mademoiselle also had a penchant for all things celestial, with stars and comets making an appearance in Chanel’s very first fine jewellery collection, Bijoux des Diamants, in 1932. At the time, she famously declared: “I want to cover women in constellations! With stars! Stars of all sizes!” The Comète necklace, inspired by the starry Parisian night sky and set with more than 600 diamonds, is still one of the Maison’s most iconic pieces. In the latest collection, shooting stars wrap themselves around a finger and leave a trail of sparkling ribbons on Chanel earrings, rings and necklaces.

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Chanel Plume Poire earrings in white gold, set with two pear-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Finally, the delicate feather has also made a regular appearance in Chanel jewellery since the very beginning. The motif, which is inextricably linked to the Roaring Twenties when flappers wore feathers in their hair, was reinterpreted in last year’s Plume de Chanel collection. Here it is again as part of the Les Icônes de Chanel collection, in diamond-embellished earrings and a necklace, both in white gold.

As relevant today as they were more than 80 years ago, Mademoiselle’s favourite designs are as much a part of the Maison’s DNA as the iconic interlocked C logo. 

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