Unlock your dreams with the new Amulette de Cartier jewellery collection

Cartier's newest jewellery collection Amulette de Cartier is a series of pink and yellow gold talismans designed to act as precious lucky charms.

Amulette de Cartier large gold and black lacquer pendant with diamonds and three onyx cabochons

Amulette de Cartier is a collection of precious lucky charms described by Cartier as "a magical talisman" and "a dream catcher for one's innermost wishes".

Crafted from mother of pearl, onyx and diamonds, the jewel at the heart of each piece - a magnetic circle of gold with pebble-like curves - is set with either a diamond or onyx cabochon at its centre.

On closer inspection, a segment of the circle is missing, replaced by a solid gold arc that closes like a padlock to hold in luck and unlock the wearer's wishes.

The collection includes small pendants in yellow or rose gold as well as a large yellow gold pendant set with three onyx cabochons and diamonds that decrease in size as they travel towards the centre of the circle.

There is also a sautoir necklace with white mother-of-pearl beads and a choice of three different bracelets in yellow, white or pink gold, which can be stacked on the wrist.

Delicate and very wearable, these pieces are the ultimate gift for a loved one.


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