Cannes Film Festival: who wore it best?

As the Cannes Film Festival draws to a close, we’ve got a fun game for jewellery lovers who might have been experiencing a case of red carpet déjà vu. 

Julianne Moore, Lena Meyer and Winnie Harlow wear the same Chopard diamond earrings on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet

If you’ve been watching the stars walk the red carpet as closely as we have for two whole weeks, several things happen. Firstly, you become pretty blasé about the more discreet jewels that just a fortnight ago you were fawning over and, secondly, you start to get a funny feeling of déjà vu.

Have you had any “hang on a minute, haven’t I seen that before?” moments during the Cannes Film Festival? Rest assured, you’re not alone. A handful of jewels have proved so popular that they’ve appeared twice or more on the red carpet so we decided to turn our eagle-eyed gem spotting into a fun game of who wore it best.

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