Biennale des Antiquaires: the big three majestic gemstones adorn the new Cartier Royal collection

Supersized stones are the stars of Cartier’s Royal Collection for the upcoming Biennale. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies add colour to this regal pageant.

Cartier's Viracocha platinum emerald necklace

Three is the magic number when it comes to Cartier's Royal Collection for the Biennale des Antiquaries.

As excitement builds ahead of the Paris fair next month, the jeweller is offering us a small glimpse of what promises to be a spectacular display.

The Cartier Royal Collection celebrates the exceptional stones that have always been an integral part of its rich history; never has the colourful trio of sapphire, emerald and ruby shone more brightly.

First up is the Intense Red Ruby from Africa, a jumbo 15.29-carat oval-shaped ruby from Mozambique that is set into a necklace layered with pear-shaped diamonds and cabochon-cut rubies. The two parts can be separated and the rubies worn as a choker on their own, while the diamonds become a necklace, neatly draped around the central ruby.

Mozambique is a relatively recent supplier of rubies, but the quality of the gemstones are said to be equal to Burmese rubies in terms of their fire and intensity of colour.

No less astonishing is the 26.60-carat Colombian emerald, which again is incorporated into a necklace along with a kite-shaped diamond, as well as emerald beads, calibrated diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds. The deceptively simple design allows the fresh green colour of the emerald to come to the fore and highlights the natural beauty of the gemstone.

The name given to the Cornflower Blue Sapphire ring gives us a clue as to what is in store. Mounted into a ring of gravity-defying proportions, the mesmerising blue colour of this 29.06-carat sapphire really has to be seen to be believed, such is its intensity and depth. Stones of this calibre are very rare as the Kashmir mine from which it hails - situated at an altitude of 4,000 metres in the Himalayas - has almost been depleted. 

Cartier itself describes the high jewellery creations as "miniature theatres displaying each stone's noble soul."

Each piece has been crafted to allow the stone to take centre stage and the collection as a whole is a tribute to Cartier's longstanding devotion to exceptional gems. The legacy of past triumphs such as the Maharaja of Nawanagar's rubies, Barbara Hutton's emeralds and the Burton-Taylor diamond lives on in these creations, as the famous 'Cartier eye' once again transforms exceptional gemstones into mind-blowing jewels.  

Consisting of more than 100 pieces, the Cartier Royal Collection radiates with a regal beauty and splendour, fit for a queen.

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