The best jewels of the Met Gala 2018

 We go jewel-spotting at the Met Gala's ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ red carpet in New York.   

Rihanna at Met Gala 2018 wearing vintage Cartier necklace.

The theme for the 2018 edition of the New York Met Gala was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ that left ample room for either poking fun at said Establishment or an excuse for extravagant dresses billowing like clouds (below), kinky nun get-ups and plenty of over the top headpieces. Most commented has been the papal mitre perched on Rihanna's head that has ruffled a few feathers over in the Vatican (top).

Wandering lonely as a cloud, Winnie Harlow wore a stunning Bulgari high jewellery diamond necklace to complement her cloud-like outfit. She wore another Bulgari diamond bracelet on each wrist and five Bulgari diamond rings and one sapphire ring. Credit: Getty Images

While the red carpet was a bizarre combination of celebrities queuing up like excited children waiting to be let into a fancy dress party, with Katy Perry rubbing angel wings with Greta Gerwig’s nun-like cover-all tunic, the jewellery was more consistent. The theme ‘Heavenly Bodies’ lent itself to diamonds and shining gold, as neatly demonstrated by Joan Smalls and her classy all-gold Bulgari Parentesi jewels (below) along with a trident of a head piece that would make Neptune feel safe while out and about with on a dark night.

Joan Smalls stood out in her elegant and simple gold slip dress paired with an equally chic Bulgari Parentesi Heritage necklace and bracelet in yellow gold. A pair of high-carat diamond Bulgari ear studs added a final sparkle to her Met Gala 2018 look topped by a towering gold tiara. Credit: Getty Images

‘Catholic Imagination’ made it open season for cardinal-style rings, outsize crucifixes and opulent colour gemstones. The inspiration was not lost on Rihanna who chose a Cartier crucifix to complement her rhinestone encrusted mini-skirt Pope costume. The Cartier crucifix worn by Rihanna belongs to Cartier’s collection of vintage jewels and was first created in 1934 by Cartier London and re-introduced after the war in 1949 (below). The original 1934 design included gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, rubies pearls, opal and topaz.

The Cartier crucifix worn by Rihanna to Met Gala 2018 was originally created in 1934 by Cartier London and re-introduced after the war in 1949. The original 1934 design included gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, rubies pearls, opal and topaz.  The necklace belongs to the Cartier Collection.

A pair of starkly simple onyx earrings by Cartier from 1929 added a clever twist to Lily Collin’s macabre nun look, complete with a red tear drop and spiky head piece (below). More demure was Greta Gerwig’s choice of headwear. She wore in her hair a yellow gold and diamond necklace by Schlumberger from Tiffany.

Lily Collins’ striking Cartier onyx earrings date back to 1929 and work surprisingly well with her dark martyr’s outfit, complete with a diamond Cartier crucifix in her hand.

Lily Aldridge gets my vote for the best jewellery look with not one, but three glorious Bulgari emerald high jewellery necklaces (below). The heavenly opulence of the trio of necklaces paired with a simple belted buttercup-yellow dress created an effortless ethereal glow, casting its golden light over the crowded Met Gala 2018 red carpet.


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