Ten bracelets for Mother's Day

Browse our selection of bracelet ideas for Mother’s Day with a thoughtful gift for your mother’s wrist. 

Elsa Peretti Small Bone Cuff by Tiffany on model

If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man, you have just about enough time to choose the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and wrap it up before Sunday 27 March. In these five countries, the tradition of celebrating mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent - the 40 days of prayer, fasting and almsgiving before Easter - dates back a few centuries. It was originally in honour of Mary, the Mother of Christ.

The habit to pay tribute to mothers once a year, started far earlier and has its roots in Ancient Greece.  Today, Mother’s Day is an official date in many countries, but the day it is celebrated varies from place to place with Norway initiating festivities in mid-February and Panama ending them in early December. 

Whatever the historic reasons or dates, Mother’s Day is the moment to reflect on the special place our mothers have in our hearts. If choosing beautiful flowers, picking out some delicious chocolates, writing words of love or simply thinking of your mother is not what you have in mind, a jewel might have the secret power to convey your special and long-lasting bond.  Here is our selection of ten bracelets we think would make the ideal gift for Mother's Day.

1: For pearl lovers: Assael

Pearl and turquoise bracelet by Assael
The warm hues of the veins traversing the Arizona turquoise echo the sunny tones of the Golden South cultured pearls on this bracelet by Assael.     

The unusual colour combination of this bracelet is sure to make an impression.  New York based Assael, renowned for the highest quality of its pearls and its bold designs, plays with the warm tones of golden South Sea pearls and a vivid blue Arizona turquoise. The clasp is set with Fancy yellow diamonds that brings together the three rows of pearls and adds to the sunny mood of this piece. 

2: For those enamoured of iconic designs: Bulgari

Serpenti Viper bracelet by Bulgari
The minimalist Serpenti Viper bracelet is a geometric abstract representation of Bulgari's mythical snake.   

The new Bulgari snake resolutely looks to the future while still maintaining its unmistakeable identity. The sleek design of the Serpenti Viper bracelet brings us a new stylised version of the famous reptile. Easy to wear, this is a gift that will not leave her wrist. 

3: If you are looking for a delicate design: Fabergé

Treillage bracelet by Fabergé
The Diamond Trellis Egg created in 1892 was the source of inspiration for the gold pattern on this bracelet by Fabergé.   

Fabergé is famous for its Imperial Easter Eggs made for the Russian Royal family in the nineteenth century. The source of inspiration for this bracelet is the Diamond Trellis Egg created in 1892. The stylised egg shapes at either end of the bangle are decorated with a lattice pattern that mimics the platinum design on the famous Trellis egg.  Adorned with multi-coloured gemstones, the brushed rose gold bracelet is set with a secret ruby on the inside that sits against the skin. This hidden gem symbolises the special bond between the wearer and their loved ones. 

4: For effortless chic: Lalaounis

Nubia bracelet by Lalaounis
The fine notches on the two gold strands encircling the tourmalines give texture to this delicate bracelet by Lalaounis. 

This bracelet is hand made in Lalaounis Athens ateliers and is a tribute to the house's  immaculate craftsmanship that pays homage to  ancient techniques from diverse eras and cultures. Two gold bars encircle green and red tourmalines that replicate the colourful decorations on C5th BC Nubian vases.   

5: For those who are drawn to nature: Neha Dani

Leaf bangle by Neha Dani
As often in Neha Dani's one-of-a-kind masterpieces, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and this leaf bracelet in textured rose gold is a perfect representation of her creativity.   

Nature is often a catalyst in Neha’s designs. This abstract leaf bangle is no exception with the midrib of the leaf picked out in a line of diamonds. This textured rose gold bracelet is set with a 0.52 carat pear-shape, rose cut diamond and is hinged for comfort of use. 

6: For colour lovers: Pomellato

Nudo bracelet by Pomellato
Meaning ‘nude’ or ‘bare’ in Italian, the Nudo pink bracelet by Pomellato is set with rose quartz,  chalcedony and diamonds.   

The Nudo bracelet set with rose quartz, chalcedony and diamonds was presented in 2021 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nudo ring. It is a perfect choice for a mother who loves colours. Since its creation in 2001, the strikingly simple Nudo ring has been adorned with 35 different gemstones, making it a true icon for colour lovers. You can’t really go wrong with the Nudo collection, it is a classic, yet revolutionary line. CEO of Pomellato Sabina Belli says: “Nudo is multifaceted, truthful, just like the Pomellato women.”

7: If enamel is her thing: Selim Mouzannar

Aïda bracelet by Selim Mouzannar
This rose gold bracelet with enamel from the Aïda collection by Selim Mouzannar exists in various sizes and colours. 

Wrapped with bright petrol-blue enamel, this rose gold bracelet by Selim Mouzannar, a third-generation Lebanese jeweller, is decorated with an elongated star set with diamonds. 

8: For a different kind of precious:  Sicis

Etoile bracelet by Sicis
Black and white micro mosaics adorn the two large stars of this bracelet by Sicis while the third one is set with diamonds.   

Sicis, the Italian jeweller that is also an expert in the ancient and elaborate technique of micro-mosaics, makes by hand each of its jewels. If you look closely at the two biggest stars of this bracelet, you will see hundreds of tiny tesserae - slivers of glass mixed with diamond dust – that have been cut and assembled to create the pattern. 

9: Ideal for fans of Elsa Peretti: Tiffany

Elsa Peretti Small Bone Cuff by Tiffany
Sterling silver Elsa Peretti® carved Bone cuff decorated with a snowflake in obsidian is an evolution of one of the most iconic creations of the designer for Tiffany.   

Elsa Peretti, who passed away in March 2021, was one of the most talented and acclaimed designers with a career that spanned fifty years.  She created many iconic pieces for Tiffany & Co after she joined them in 1974,  extracting beauty from the simplest shapes and forms. The sterling silver Bone Cuff decorated with obsidian is an evolution of one of her most sought-after designs. 

10: The innovative design option:  Vhernier

Mon Jeu bracelet by Vhernier
The cuts on the links of the 'Mon Jeu' bracelet by Vhernier allows to play with the order of the titanium parts and add extra pieces.     

Vhernier, the Italian jeweller who started as a goldsmith in Valenza in 1984, has become a master in innovative, playful, experimental, and uncompromisingly modern designs. This “Mon jeu” bracelet, which translates from French as “my game”, is made of titanium links, some of which are set with black diamonds that can be re-ordered at will. The vertical, beveled cut on each link allows the bracelet to be taken apart and re-assembled in a different pattern.


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