Tiffany has captured our hearts with its rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands

Tiffany's iconic collection of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands is now available in rose gold.

Tiffany Harmony solitaire diamond engagement ring in rose gold, with a matching rose gold wedding band with diamonds.

With its recently launched collection of rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands, Tiffany has broadened its iconic bridal range.

Tiffany Harmony™ rose gold wedding band with diamonds.

The American jeweler first introduced the diamond solitaire in 1886, and while platinum and white diamonds are always a stylish combination, rose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular.

Tiffany has introduced a range of Harmony rose gold engagement rings with a matching rose gold and diamond pavé wedding band. Other Tiffany engagement rings that are available in 18kt rose gold include the Tiffany Jazz ring, the Tiffany Bezet band ring and the diamond-set Tiffany Novo band ring.

Tiffany Jazz ring in 18k rose gold, Channel-set in platinum; Tiffany Bezet in 18k gold; Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger Sixteen Stone in platinum; and Tiffany Soleste in platinum.

Rose gold jewelry may be on-trend, but the pink-hued metal is far from being a flash-in-the-pan fad. Made from yellow gold with a hint of copper, rose gold engagement rings have a timeless, vintage feel. An added bonus is that the soft, warm color is far more flattering against all skin tones than yellow or white gold.

Looking at these gorgeous Tiffany engagement rings, it is clear that the irresistible pairing of rose gold and white diamonds has all the makings of a modern classic.  

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