Rose gold engagement rings: the trend for flattering pink gold is here to stay

With its warm pink glow and vintage undertones, a rose gold engagement ring is a stylish alternative to yellow or white gold.

British jeweller Andrew Geoghegan's Cannelé Twist rose gold engagement ring has a vintage feel.

By Åse Anderson

Given the rise in popularity of rose gold jewellery, it is hardly surprising that a growing number of women are opting for rose gold engagement rings.

With its delicate, soft sheen, rose gold is incredibly flattering against all skin tones. Made from yellow gold with a hint of copper mixed in, its pinkish hue really comes to the fore when it is combined with sparkling white diamonds. 

Rose gold is a stylish choice, but the metal also has a vintage feel that lends it a timeless quality. You can rest assured that a rose gold engagement ring will not look dated or unfashionable in years to come. 

While not as prevalent as rings made from yellow or white gold or platinum, there is still plenty of choice out there, and we have rounded up some of our favourite rose gold engagement rings. 

The Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée solitaire ring in rose gold features the distinctive beads that we have come to associate with the iconic Perlée collection. Set with a single diamond, this is a unique ring that looks stunning when combined with the matching Perlée wedding band. 

Another contemporary choice is this rose gold engagement ring by London-based McCaul Goldsmiths. Rose gold is teamed with a cognac diamond to create a harmonious and sophisticated colour combination, offset by the ring's unusual shape and stone setting. Again, a matching cognac diamond-set wedding band is available, which perfectly mirrors the shape of the engagement ring. 

US designer Anna Sheffield's Hazeline solitaire engagement ring in rose gold was inspired by a ring that belonged to her grandmother and is available in several different styles. Choose between a traditional white diamond and a 1.00ct jet black diamond, which contrasts beautifully with the delicate rose gold and white diamonds on the shoulders. 

With no unnecessary embellishments, the refined simplicity and flawless elegance of this De Beers rose gold engagement ring had us hooked at first glance. It is the kind of ring that has "future heirloom" written all over it and illustrates perfectly how rose gold intensifies the bright white sparkle of a diamond. 

British jeweller Andrew Geoghegan won us over with the launch of his impossibly romantic Cannelé engagement ring in 2013, and last year he launched a new interpretation of this best-seller: the Cannelé Twist. Laden with the same vintage appeal, the "twist" on this rose gold engagement ring is visible when you view the ring sideways on. 

And for an engagement ring that definitely won't go unnoticed there is Robinson Pelham's pink gold ring, which is set with an impressive chequerboard top rose quartz. Surrounded by pink sapphires and diamonds, it gracefully straddles the engagement and cocktail ring categories.

If these beautiful designs haven't yet tempted you over to the pink side, we are expecting to see many more rose gold engagement rings as 2015 unfolds. 

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