Unique engagement rings: Nikos Koulis' new “Oui” collection

Nikos Koulis launches his first collection of engagement rings in inimitable style, playing on the stark contrast between white diamonds and black enamel.

Nikos Koulis creates a powerful silhouette for his new "Oui" collection of unique engagement rings using black enamel. This diamond engagement ring is set with a central emerald and additional pavé emeralds around the double band.

By Åse Anderson

The mere mention of a new Nikos Koulis fine jewellery collection is enough to make our hearts beat that little bit faster, so imagine our joy when the Greek designer announced the launch of his first-ever range of engagement rings.

Since his eponymous fine jewellery brand was catapulted onto the global stage by celebrity fans such as Jennifer Lopez and Daphne Guinness, Nikos Koulis has been entrancing us with his intricate coloured gemstones, which combine avant-garde design flair with an effortless wearability.

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Entitled "Oui" (French for "yes", which is of course the response you want an engagement ring to elicit!), the Nikos Koulis engagement ring collection was unveiled to great acclaim at Baselworld jewellery earlier this month. The monochrome rings in the fine jewellery collection play on the stark contrast between white diamonds and black enamel, while the more colourful options incorporate bright green emeralds. With their mix of geometric sharp angles and round curves, these are thoroughly modern and unique engagement rings that will appeal to stylish women looking for an alternative to the traditional gold band and diamond ring. 

When an engagement ring is this tantalising, saying "Non" is not an option.

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