In our latest video Ralph Lauren unveils the next chapter in its watchmaking heritage at the SIHH in Geneva

Maria Doulton visits Ralph Lauren at the SIHH to get a closer look at its new watches for 2014.

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Petite Link fully pavéd with diamonds

Take a closer look at the latest launches to join Ralph Lauren's stable of stylish watches at the exclusive Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

Ralph Lauren started a joint watchmaking venture with the Richemont Group six years ago, and his influence continues to be felt across the collections. Lauren oversees every single watch design, and you can really see how they fit into the Ralph Lauren lifestyle.

In our latest video you will see some of my favourite launches from the world-famous brand.

Watch out for sparkling jewellery watches and some new versions of the Stirrup, a collection that perfectly captures Ralph Lauren's equestrian heritage. Another new model that caught my eye was the Slim Classique, previously only a men's watch, which has now been pared down to petite proportions for women's wrists.

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