The latest watch collections from Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's latest watch collections capture the American brand's sophisticated lifestyle.


Ralph Lauren's latest watch collections are a prime example of a brand succesfully reaching into new territory. This isn't just one collection for one type of person, but the succesful Ralph Lauren ethos tailored to different lifestyles. The man himself says "My collections are about a way of life. I'm not designing clothes or furniture or accessories in my mind; I am designing a whole world".

Taking the Polo label heritage to the wrist, the Stirrup Collection is imbued with equestrian heritage. Pronounced, confident, and immediately recognisable, the crown bears either the trademark 'RL' or a small diamond. Ralph Lauren watches are the result of a collaboration between the US brand and the Swiss-based Richemont Group. And so it is that the Stirrup collection features top drawer self-winding movements by Piaget made for Ralph Lauren. Available in a variety of styles, the cream of the crop is the limited edition platinum chronograph model. It features blued hands and a crown set with onyx. Made to commemorate the brands 1967 birth, this model is only available in a series of 67 timepieces.

The Slim Classique collection is as its name suggests a timeless design that mixes masculine and feminine attributes. Again, Swiss-made Piaget movements are used, though this time to make a watch as at home today as it could be in bygone eras; the streamlined design, possible thanks to the ultra-slim movements and hand-guilloché decorations pay tribute to the romantic glamour of old films and musicals. You can almost imagine the ultra-thin 2.1mm mechanism on the wrist of Cole Porter or F. Scott Fitzgerald during a heady night at the Ritz.

For those after something sportier, the Ralph Lauren 'Sporting' collection features manually-wound mechanisms made by IWC in rugged and bold watches. Three versions are available, the Classic and two complications- the Chronograph and the World Time. These are horological embodiments of what Ralph Lauren himself loves most: sport, speed, style, and beauty.



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