Maybe it’s the call of the coastline and ever-present blue skies, but Sydney women, by their own admission, like to keep their jewellery free and easy, with wearable modern luxe the prerogative. With Australia’s mesmerising natural bounty of opals, South Sea pearls and rare Argyle pink diamonds, there can be a tendency for materials to trump design, but not because there is a lack of creative dynamism. It’s just the materials are so good. Lovers of fine jewellery head to Martin Place, Castlereagh Street and the tourists’ historic favourite, The Rocks. Here you will find local icons of the jewellery sector’s flagships alongside the likes of Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and Rolex. Sometimes, however, it is the sparkling harbour views that most immediately catch the eye. It’s only natural.

Compiled by Melissa Pearce