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Max Büsser & Friends, founders of MB&F, developed the concept for the M.A.D.Gallery very intuitively. "We did absolutely no research and no thorough planning,” explains Charris Yadigaroglou, chief communications officer. “A few days before the 2011 Baselworld show, an opportunity for the space popped up. It was reasonable and available, and we had to decide within a week. We needed a space to show our timepieces here in Geneva, but we didn’t even have a retail partner, and so the idea of having a mechanical art gallery rather than a conventional watch store came up.”

M.A.D. stands for Mechanical Art Devices, a loose brief that allows the gallery to showcase pretty much anything - from watches to motorcycles to flying cars, and just about everything in between. Having the gallery allows MB&F to sell to its customers directly, and the space is paid for by watch sales. “When we started this concept, we didn’t expect to sell the gallery items, but to our surprise, things have sold,” says Yadigaroglou. “About 1,500 items have sold over the last three years, plus we have had something like 18,000 visitors walk in.”

Why visit? Why visit?

The M.A.D.Gallery is a captivating universe of kinetic art where horological machines and mechanical art devices reign supreme. Not only will you find the complete range of MB&F Horological and Legacy Machines, but you’ll also have the pleasure of discovering a broad and often bonkers range of mechanical curiosities from around the world.

This quirky gallery in Geneva is the only space in the city where you can ogle MB&F's innovative horological machines, created by founder Maximilian Büsser in collaboration with some of the most creative independent watchmakers in the industry.

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  • address: 11 Rue Verdaine