Pretty in pink: jewels that melted our heart

Jewels in blushing, tender rose hues including a padparadscha sapphire engagement ring and feather earrings that express romance in the most delicate way.

  • The pink of morganite and sapphires evoke the soft flesh tones of skin paired with feathers reminiscent of the legend of Leda and the swan in Lydia Courteille’s La Vie en Rose earrings. 
  • Tomasz Donocik approaches jewellery with the eye of an artist, ever looking to create new effects. In the Stellar Dune jewels he plays with solid colours, transparencies and negative space. The collection echoes the work of the 1970’s artist Frank Stella, much admired by Donocik. 
  • Slender diamond baguettes are set into fine gold channels that mimic the minute veins of the petal that carry diamond water drops to the plant, leading down to the pink sapphire colouring of the bloom in this ring by German jeweller Stenzhorn. 
  • From sketch to workshop to the finished piece each jewel by Hirsh London is made by hand and often using unusual colour gems such as this Artemis ring with a Padparadscha sapphire at its centre.
  • The concentric patterns created by the bands of pink and white in the rhodochrosite mimic the petals of a Damask rose in the Adagio di Damasco ring. A band of rubies adds to the soft glow of the ring. 
  • Alina Abegg Sugar High Lollipop pendant
  • -
  • Les Ciels de Chaumet Etoile Étoiles tiara

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