Wild things: best animal jewels of 2018

Real or imaginary the natural world inspires some of the most original jewellers to find beauty in unexpected places. 

  • No jewellery collection celebrating Africa would complete without ants. This charming brooch that can be turned into earrings, features lapis lazuli, spinels and sapphires and was made in collaboration with Kenyan artist Evans Mbugua.
  • Paula Crevoshay's Flying Fish of Mandalay brooch is set with apatite, black diamonds, white diamonds and four pearls. 
  • Cindy Chao's brilliance lies in her ability to capture the most ephemeral wonders of nature in everlasting and precious materials  as seen in this Black Label Masterpiece 2018 dragonfly emerald, diamond and conch pearl brooch.
  • A diamond-set lion ring from Gucci's kooky Le Marché des Merveilles collection of fine jewels in a still life by photographer Julia Hetta that captures a dark romantic mood. 
  • Lydia Courteille's Procreation rings remind us of how many animals emerge from eggs including this green crocodile in a series of rings, the first of which was a skeleton hatching from an egg in her Homage of Surrealism collection. 
  • Cartier Yoshino ring with a morganite Coloratura collection2018
  • -
  • Gucci's new Le Marché des Merveilles hand bracelet

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