Unique and Volcanic pieces by Roberto Coin

Italian jeweller Roberto Coin presents three collections bursting with vibrant colours and bold forms.


Originally founded in 1977 and established as a brand nearly 20 years ago, Roberto Coin has fast established itself as one of the leading Italian jewellers in the world. And with its three new collections, it's easy to see why. Called Unique Pieces, Shanghai and Vulcanic, each is bursting with beautiful gems in impressive settings.

All three collections are vibrant and colourful in their own singular way. Shanghai is overflowing with rounded gems, giving pieces such as the amber-hued earrings and bracelet a softer effect on the eye. The colours wash over you delicately, with topaz, citrine, amethyst, sapphire and smoky quartz used to full effect. Then there are the harder-edged blue sapphires and tanzanites in Unique Pieces, combined with diamonds and white gold to give the collection an icy quality, contrasted with the bright blues.

Vulcano is a subtle explosion of colour. Just as magma seeps out of a volcano in strange, mellifluous formations, so too do the gemstones in Roberto Coin's new collection. Pink and yellow sapphires have been delicately set in rounded, organic shapes in yellow gold. One of the other most striking aspects of Roberto Coin's jewellery is the variety of forms he employs for each collection. And as these are Italian in making, they are also Italian by nature. Coin never forgets the feminine form when creating new pieces: "There is no doubt jewellery makes women more beautiful, elegant and sensual. It's a precious way of dressing oneself."

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