Three stone engagement rings: when one gem just isn't enough

A classic design with many different variations, three stone engagement rings offer triple the impact.

Part of De Beers jewellery’s 1888 Master Diamonds collection, this one-of-a-kind three stone engagement ring is set with a 3.93ct Vivid yellow diamond flanked by trilliant-cut diamonds.

By Åse Anderson

Three stone engagement rings are a classic design that offers great flexibility as they work with a wide variety of diamond cuts and coloured gemstones.

There are many different options ranging from the classic three white diamonds to a central diamond flanked by coloured gemstones, or vice versa with the coloured gem in the centre. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds or diamonds in pink, yellow and blue are all popular with those desiring a colourful three stone engagement ring.

David Yurman's Classic three stone engagement rings show how coloured gemstones, in this case emerald and sapphire, can be incorporated into this design both as centre and side stones. Also available with a ruby centre stone, these stylish engagement rings feature the American designer's signature cabled bands.

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Sometimes called trinity rings or trilogy rings, three stone engagement rings usually feature a bigger diamond flanked by two smaller stones, said to represent the couple's past, present and future. The Tiffany three stone engagement ring set with a trio of round brilliant diamonds - available in different carat weights - is a timeless design that won't date. For a modern twist, the diamond halo encircling each stone in the David M Robinson three stone engagement ring creates a striking layer of sparkle.

In addition to the more traditional round brilliant cut, the princess cut also works well in a three stone engagement ring and has the added benefit of costing less per carat. Another stunning option is a central gemstone flanked by pear- or baguette-cut stones on the shoulders of the ring.

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Boodles' Trilogy ring features three radiant-cut diamonds with the centre stone raised slightly higher than the two smaller side stones. Like the princess cut, the radiant cut has a squarish shape but with the corners cut off. It also has 70 facets compared to 58 for the princess cut, resulting in more sparkle.

With three emerald-cut diamonds on a platinum band, this vintage-style Harry Winston trilogy ring exudes old-school glamour, while the two pink diamonds on the Ritz Fine Jewellery engagement ring adds an elegantly colourful touch to a very special ring.

Fancy colour diamonds are the pinnacle of luxury jewellery - with price tags to match - and this De Beers three stone engagement ring is part of its spectacular 1888 Master Diamonds collection. Featuring a 3.93ct yellow diamond flanked by trilliant-cut white diamond side stones, it is surely in the running for the ultimate three stone engagement ring.

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