The real parachuting Queen at London Olympics opening ceremony

Find out more about Gary Connery who disguised as the Queen parachuted from a helicopter into the middle of the Olympic stadium at the opening ceremony.


We were almost fooled when at the Olympic opening ceremony a chopper loomed into view and out jumped Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth with James Bond in tow. I am sure we all guessed that it wasn't really the Queen parachuting in, game as she is, but I was curious to know who was the parachuting royal impersonator?

Well all is revealed as I have just been sent these pictures by the English-owned watch house Bremont as the cross-dressing (temporarily I hasten to add to avoid a libel suit) parachutist is none other than Gary Connery. You may know his name as he is  the first man to have jumped out of a helicopter with a wing suit and no parachute earlier this year in May in Henley.  

Bremont, founded by brothers Nick and Giles English (read more by clicking here) were delighted to support the Henley based stuntman and he continues to be an avid friend of the brand and wear their watches, including for this high profile moment. Alongside him in the helicopter was Mark Sutton who played Bond. I love the fact that Gary is dressed exactly like the Queen, down to the jewels. And that isn't his real hair, it is a well-fastened wig and his fluttering feather hair piece stayed put during the jump. Also notice the plush cream leather interior of what must be the Queen's own helicopter. 

Gary apparently told the press that he thinks he may have been chosen for his Queen-style legs that were certainly on full view to the world as the crowds looked up to see 'the Queen' descend from the skies with a Union Jack parachute billowing behind her. Gary had to be sewn into the salmon pink dress and I think he did a great job at being a Queen for the day.

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