The glittering cosmos is condensed into the new Celestium collection by Zoya

Like looking up into the night sky, Indian jeweller Zoya has captured the wonder of the universe in its new Celestium collection of jewels.


By Preeta Agarwal.

The moon was out and the stars twinkled overhead on the night Indian jeweller Zoya unveiled its new Celestium collection in Delhi. A huge crowd gathered outside the newly refurbished Zoya boutique to catch a glimpse of the launch party taking place within. Hosted by Zoya, the renowned jewellery brand from the House of Tata, and luxury consultant Nisha JamVwal, the champagne flowed as out-of-this-world jewels paraded past the guests' eyes.

The Celestium collection comprises unique pieces like the lapiz lazuli earrings, which emulate young blue stars framed by gold and diamonds. Ten diamonds come together on a bed of cabochon-cut lapiz lazuli to form the constellation of Aries on a beautiful pendant. Brilliant diamonds shoot across the night sky in a golden trajectory, embellished with rubies to create a striking neckpiece.

Drawing inspiration from the heavenly bodies that punctuate the night sky, Zoya has captured the magic of the cosmos. "When I first thought about this collection, I imagined a little boy looking up at the sky through the branches of a tree," explains Sangeeta Dewan, Senior Design Consultant at Zoya. "I pictured him staring at the stars, his eyes wandering to the moon, the constellations, the shooting stars, the comets... The idea behind the pieces is the wonderful stories the mind conjures up when peering up into a cloudless night sky," she continues.

Perfectly at home in the refurbished boutique - a dazzling gallery of fine jewels in gold, diamonds and precious stones - the collection is one of Zoya's most wearable. "Celestium is eclectic," explains Dewan. "It can be worn for any occasion its owner desires."


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