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In our latest video by The Jewellery Editor, we have tracked down three diamond bracelets that make a clear statement about your style and personality.

Boodles Knot diamond bracelet in pink and white gold

I have chosen three diamond bracelets that have the power to express who you are. Because bracelets, more than any other jewel, have the ability to say so much about us, where we have been and what we dream about. And we all do it. From the festival bands we cling to long after the last band has played, to the man in a tailored suit with a leather beach bracelet showing under his watch, bracelets are clues about our other lives. As kids, we tied coloured ribbons around our wrists and gave each other friendship bracelets. Discreet enough to be tucked under a cuff, yet always with us, a bracelet is a clear denominator of our personality and style tribe.

Taking this idea a step further and into the realms of fine jewellery, I have selected three diamond bracelets eloquently able to express individuality. Classic in its style, the delicate Boodles Knot bracelet (£6,000) in rose and white gold with diamonds is simple yet loaded with symbolism. The Knot bracelet is part of a larger range of jewels that is easy to stack and match thanks to the delicate lines and mixing of different colours of gold.

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The De Beers Talisman bracelet (£7,700) combines the mystery of rough diamonds with polished ones for a laid back yet luxurious look. Slender and delicate, it sits close to the skin and would fit right in with even more traditional diamond-line bracelets for an eclectic look.

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Scandinavian minimalism shines out from the Georg Jensen Dune bracelet (large size £9,875) and makes a very clear statement about your chic and effortless style.

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Now it’s over to you to decide which of these diamond bracelets best expresses who you are.

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