Sylvie Corbelin jewellery: the human eye is transformed into a striking talisman

French jeweller Sylvie Corbelin debuts her new collection Fascination during Haute Couture week in Paris, inspired by the human eye.

Sylvie Corbelin Fascination collection gold ring featuring diamonds, colourful gem-set irises and a turquoise charm hanging from the tear duct.

The magical rings and earrings in the shape of an eye are talismans designed to ward off evil and malign spirits.

Fashion designers will finally be enjoying their wrap parties on Friday after an intense Haute Couture week in Paris, which is also a busy time for jewellers who are capitalising on the media frenzy and launching new collections of jewels to coincide with one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar.

This week, French jeweller Sylvie Corbelin presented her new Fascination collection of rings and earrings for the first time. "I've got my eye on you" is the subtitle of the collection entirely, which is focussed on and inspired by the human eye. Historically, the symbol of the eye has been used as a powerful talisman to ward away the evil eye and malign spirits.

Particularly striking are the mobile earrings. Reminiscent of Alexander Calder's floating art pieces, they feature three gem-encrusted eyes suspended from a central stud, also in the shape of an eye.  The almond-shaped rings feature colourful gem-set irises and a turquoise charm hanging from the tear duct. Just in case the evil vibes haven't been warded off, an inscription around the ring reads: "I take refuge in God against the evil of the envious."

A former antiques dealer, Sylvie's fascination with precious objects and stones led her to train as a gemmologist. She launched her eponymous jewellery brand in 2007 and today works out of her studio in the Le Marais district of Paris. Her unique creations have a mystical, poetic quality and often feature antique stones set in gold or patinated silver.

Sylvie says: "I see a stone, a sapphire for example, and I have to make something. I start with the material, then I dream."

Sylvie Corbelin jewellery is currently available through stockists in Europe, the US and China including Paul Bert in Paris, Luisa via Roma in Rome, Moda Operandi in New York and Maxfield in LA. 

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