Swiss jeweller Shawish has an indulgent Easter jewellery surprise in store for Harrods customers

Daring Swiss jeweller Shawish teams up with Harrods this Easter to indulge jewellery and chocolate lovers with the edible Shawish Easter Surprise.

The Shawish Easter Surprise at Harrods is the ultimate in edible luxury: a chocolate Easter egg containing a signature jewel from the Swiss jeweller

Remember the Kinder eggs of your childhood with their promise of 'chocolate, a toy and a surprise'? Well, substitute the toy for an exquisite jewel and you have an indulgent version purely for grown ups.

If you have a sweet tooth and a passion for fine jewellery, you're going to love the surprise that Shawish has up its sleeve at Harrods this Easter.

Taking the traditional egg hunt to an extraordinary new level, the Geneva-based jeweller is unveiling the ultimate in edible luxury: a chocolate Easter egg containing a signature Shawish jewel.

Designer Mohammed Shawesh has teamed up with Geneva chocolatier Philippe Pascoet for a collaboration that unites the Swiss traditions of chocolate and jewellery with a healthy dose of suspense and humour.

Exclusively at Harrods this Easter, customers can purchase a luxury chocolate egg, containing a diamond pendant hung on a white gold necklace or cute charm. There is a choice of two pendants from the jeweller's Magic Mushroom collection, both in white gold and set with over 350 white diamonds, or a mini Mushroom charm in gold and enamel, set with a single diamond. 

Handmade from 65% dark Venezuelan chocolate, the artistic egg is decorated with gold dust and can be customised to make the gift even more personal.

"Our egg hunt at Harrods London is like celebrating the sweet taste of Easter with a magical touch and a dazzling surprise," says Mohamed Shawesh. "We are the agent provocateur of haute joaillerie, centered around storytelling, desires and Alice in Wonderland."

The Shawish Easter Surprise at Harrods is inspired by the brand's one-of-a-kind Diamonds Surprise, which is currently awaiting entry into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most valuable chocolate egg ever. Unveiled in November last year, the record-breaking chocolate egg contained a Dandy Emerald Mushroom pendant in white gold and a cap set with 314 white diamonds and 64 emeralds.

If you can't make it to Harrods this Easter, don't despair: the edible jewellery cases are available to order from Shawish for a tasty surprise gift all year round. 

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