The story behind Taylor Swift's cat ring

The perfect Instagram storm: Gigi Hadid commissions London fine jeweller Cece to create a bespoke ring for Taylor Swift.

Cece Jewellery Taylor Swift bespoke ring on sketch

I know nothing about the specifics of the exchange, but can you imagine the conversation? Here's my guess at how it went: jewellery designer Cece Fein Hughes (below) is in her West London studio when the phone rings. 'It’s Gigi, you know, Gigi Hadid. I want to make an exceptional ring for my best friend, Taylor Swift,' I guess said the supermodel. The conversation possibly ran into a brainstorming session between Cece and Gigi about how to best portray Taylor's beloved blue-eyed cat called Benjamin Button, to include something personal, conceal a hidden message, and make reference to her beau Kelce Travis. 'Leave it with me, Gigi,' perhaps said Cece, swivelling in her chair to give her team a thumbs up and an OMG expression.

 Designer Cece Fein Hughes created Taylor Swift's bespoke ring featuring an enamel painting of her cat Benjamin Button.

The result of this creative collaboration is eagerly anticipated to grace Taylor Swift's finger as she dazzles her way through the Eras tour in the UK. The gold signet ring features a miniature enamel portrait of her tabby cat, Benjamin Button, surrounded by a halo of pearls and two brilliant cut diamonds. A flaming heart in pink, red and yellow enamel adorns one side of the ring,  while the other bears a spear-pierced heart with the digit 87 (below), a nod to her beau Kelce's jersey number for the Kansas City Chiefs. The letters' TTPD' engraved inside the ring serve as a subtle reference to her 2024 album, The Tortured Poets Department.

On the other side of the ring, the number 87 alludes to Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce. 87 is his jersey number for the Kansas City Chiefs, his American football team.

Cece's upbringing in the rugged wilds of misty Dartmoor in West England in a bohemian and artistic household, coupled with her love for fairy tales and fantasy, laid the foundation for her exceptional craftsmanship. Her father's tattoos and her mother's introduction to decorative arts and jewellery at the V&A museum in London ignited her passion. This led her to study History of Art at Exeter University and then design at the British Academy of Jewellery, honing her skills and creativity.

Like all Cece Jewellery, Taylor Swift's bespoke ring was made by hand in London using traditional techniques such as champlevé enamel, hand gem-stone settings and engraving in forms inspired by Victorian jewels.

I first saw Cece's jewellery five years ago when she launched at Liberty, the famous London department store founded in 1875, in a Tudor Revival building just behind Regents Street.  I was captivated by the intricate miniature works of art in pastel colour enamel that evoke rich tales and ancient myths. Talismanic motifs such as all-seeing eyes; swallows and mermaid tails evoke sailor's superstitions. Hearts, daggers, and chubby-bottomed cherubs conjure romance from a bygone era, all captured in Victorian-style signet rings and pendants on comfortably rounded fob-watch chains and sprung clasps.

Liberty is something of a British institution, known for its collaborations with outstanding creators who were originally textile designers, including William Morris, establishing itself as a temple to creativity. The house continues to seek out independent designers and makers, often attending graduate shows and exhibitions to find fresh talent. Cece Jewellery fits the bill with its distinctive style, originality, and emphasis on craftsmanship, with a tinge of an antique and otherworldly air.

Cece created the signet ring for Taylor Swift that is shown here with an engagement band. Is this is a hint for Kelce from the designer?

The hand-painted champlevé enamel seen on Taylor's ring is first painted in watercolour by Cece and then faithfully recreated in enamel paint on 18-carat gold (above) by craftspeople in London's famous Hatton Garden jewellery district. Old-fashioned techniques include five-grain diamond settings that sit flush in the gold, enamelling, and engraving.

'What an absolute honour to create something special for Taylor Swift,' remarks Cece in her Instagram feed. 'It's been amazing seeing her shine on the London stage, and we are keeping our eyes peeled to hopefully see her wearing it soon.' As I will be too. 


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