Unlock the magic of gifting: 10 bracelets for every style and story.

Find the perfect gift with our list of stunning bracelets, that will make holiday shopping a breeze. 

LV Volt Upside Down Play Large Bracelet by Louis Vuitton 1

Bracelets have a rich history dating back thousands of years, serving as adornments, symbols of status, protection, and spirituality in many cultures. Today, bracelets continue to evolve in design and cultural significance, valued for their aesthetic and symbolic importance. They are also a convenient gift for jewellery lovers since sizing is rarely problematic. We've curated a collection of ten bracelets that we believe would be the perfect gift for this holiday season.

1: Bold by Azza Fhamy

Floral Geometric bracelet by Azza Fahmy
The Floral Geometric bracelet by Azza Fahmy is crafted in yellow gold and sterling silver. 

A lot of outsize cuffs and bracelets have been seen lately on the catwalks. The Floral Geometric bracelet by Azza Fahmy is an easy to wear everyday option with the right size to achieve the big wrist look. The fluid floral and geometric motifs in gold and silver, mimicking the patterns of a luxurious carpet, wrap comfortably around the wrist.  For this jewel, Amina Ghali, Creative Director of the family-run Egyptian jewellery firm, was inspired by the graceful forms found in Indian jewellery during one of her numerous expeditions to source gemstones in this country

2: Perfect by Pomellato

Iconica bracelet by Pomellato
Crafted in both white and rose gold, this chain bracelet by Pomellato highlights Iconica's unique oversized link snap-closure, offering a gender-fluid and minimalist aesthetic. 

The Iconica bracelet by Pomellato presents an irresistible choice that seamlessly intertwines breath-taking design, impeccable craftsmanship, and sustainability. The gold links, a testament to the brand's unrivalled expertise in chain making, offer more than just elegance; they symbolise a commitment to an eco-conscious future. Pomellato, part of Kering group, proudly achieves 100% responsible gold sourcing. You're not only selecting a beautiful jewel but also supporting a brand dedicated to responsible practices.

3: Minimalist by Lalaounis

Neolithic bracelet  by Lalaounis
The yellow gold Neolithic bracelet by Lalaounis is made by hand in the brand's Athens workshop.

Lalaounis jewels are defined by both design and craftmanship and the Neolithic bracelet crafted from hand-hammered gold is no exception. This technique, in which the back of the gold is skillfully pounded by hand, is associated with the Neolithic era. This ancient craft, is combined with Lalaounis’s own creative and innovative touches, for a surprisingly contemporary and timeless look. Once again, Lalaounis proves that a narrative inspired by historical events, myths, or ancient symbols and techniques, conveys not only beauty but also a narrative. 

4: Seductive by Bulgari

Serpenti Viper bracelet by Bulgari
The Serpenti Viper bracelet by Bulgari is available in rose, yellow and white gold. 

The serpent, a symbol representing eternal youth and seduction in the mythology of ancient Rome and Greece, has been an integral part of Bulgari's design legacy since the 1940s. In this special year commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Serpenti, Bulgari unveils fresh and captivating creations, like the Serpenti Viper bracelet. This understated pink gold version, marrying sinuous curves with a touch of geometric elegance, highlights the beauty of the iconic collection. The flexible construction ensures it slips effortlessly onto the wrist for a comfortable fit.

5: Elegant by Stenzhorn

Viva Curved bangle by Stenzhorn
Stenzhorn's Viva Curved bangle: white gold, fiery red enamel, 1.89 carats of diamonds, and a secure, diamond-studded lock for a flawless fit. 

Stenzhorn is known for its meticulous attention to detail. The red enamel work on the Viva bracelet is intricate, with fine lines and a pattern that showcase the German jeweller's skills and creativity. The enamel, an age-old decorative technique where powdered glass is fused onto metal surfaces through high-temperature firing, complements the design of this bracelet. It doesn't clamour for attention but rather whispers its elegance in a subtle yet powerful manner. It is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that went into its creation, allowing it to stand out as a piece of wearable art that is both understated and stylish.

6: Abstract by Louis Vuitton

LV Volt Upside Down Play Large bracelet by Louis Vuitton
Stacking multiple LV Volt Play bracelets by Louis Vuitton is effortlessly chic and fun.

The LV Volt Play bracelet by Louis Vuitton is a boldly playful and unequivocally gender-fluid jewel.  Unveiled in 2020 under the creative helm of Francesca Amfitheatrof, the artistic director of watches and jewellery, this collection ingeniously melds the iconic letters L and V into an abstract architectural pattern. Securing the interchangeable cords is a sheer delight, a satisfying 'click' that locks in your choice from the vibrant hues of lucky green to passion red, hot pink, jet black, and electric blue. 

7: Colourful by Margot McKinney

Bubble bracelet by Margot McKinnney
Margot McKinney Bubble bracelet features a stunning combination of South Sea Keshi pearls and a dazzling array of cabochon tourmalines.

Possessing an inherent talent for colour and aesthetics, Margot McKinney adeptly infuses her jewellery creations with the grandeur and beauty of her native Australian landscapes. McKinney's passion for pearl jewels was ignited during her early years working at her family's store in Queensland. She personally sources pearls from remote corners of the country and excels at combining them with coloured gemstones as seen here in the Bubble bracelet set with South Sea keshi pearls and tourmalines.

8: Audacious by Tasaki

Danger Horn Plus bracelet by Tasaki
The Danger Horn Plus bracelet, a recent addition to Tasaki's ever-evolving Danger collection, is crafted in yellow gold.

The Danger Horn Plus bracelet, recently added to the iconic and continually evolving Danger collection by Tasaki, introduces a fresh interpretation of the horn motif. The asymmetrical yellow gold horns face each other, creating an original form while retaining the essence of the previous strong and edgy design inspired by dangerous living organisms like carnivorous plants, scorpions, and sharks. A gender fluid bracelet for an everyday style.

9: Unique by Hemmerle

Harmony bangle by Hemmerle
The Harmony bangle retains its iconic status, undiminished since its creation in 1991. While serving as a platform for Hemmerle's ongoing material and technical exploration, only a limited number of designs are crafted annually. 

Hemmerle, the Munich-based jewellery house founded in 1893, is renowned for its unique blend of art-inspired design and innovative use of unconventional materials, including wood, copper, aluminum, and antique elements. Drawing admirers from far and wide, Hemmerle is known for its exceptional and unmatched creations. The Harmony bangle, a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece crafted from bronze and white gold, adorned with over 200 exquisite Umba sapphires, stands as the quintessential embodiment of the truly unique creations that define Hemmerle.

10: Graceful by Neha Dani

Karesa cuff by Niha Dani
The Karesa cuff by Neha Dani is set with a total of 526 brown diamonds and a radiant pearl centerpiece.

The Karesa cuff by Neha Dani captures the elegant curve of a leaf as it delicately enfolds the wrist. This exquisite rose gold bracelet is set with a total of 526 deep brown diamonds, 216 delicate light brown diamonds, and a lustrous pearl centrepiece. Neha's designs often find their roots in nature, but they undergo a metamorphosis into abstract shapes, hinting at the designer's original inspiration.

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