Something old, something new: the new Brilliant Cut Royal Asscher diamond

The new Royal Asscher Brilliant Cut diamond, inspired by the 74-facet Cullinan I diamond, makes a grand entrance at JCK Las Vegas.

Royal Asscher Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

By Åse Anderson

Listen up ladies: if you’re looking for unique engagement rings, there’s a brand new diamond cut in town and it could be the most sparkly yet.

The newly patented Royal Asscher Brilliant Cut was launched at this year’s JCK Las Vegas, and knowing that it was inspired by the world’s largest diamond had our hearts beating loudly before we had even laid eyes on it.

The new Royal Asscher Brilliant Cut has been developed by father-and-son team Edward and Mike Asscher - direct descendants of one of the most famous diamond cutters that ever lived. In 1908, King Edward VII asked Joseph Asscher, the world-renowned designer of the Asscher cut diamond, to cut the record-breaking 3,105ct Cullinan diamond into nine smaller stones. The two largest of these gemstones, known as Cullinan I and Cullinan II, are now part of the Crown Jewels.

While Asscher Cut engagement rings are among the most beautiful and coveted in the world, as the diamond shape was never patented, it has become a generic term for any stepped square cut with 58 facets. So in 1999, brothers Edward and Joop Asscher developed the Royal Asscher Cut, which increased the number of facets by 16, with each one carefully measured to ensure total symmetry.

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Two years ago, father and son began exploring the possibility of creating a round cut with the same brilliant beauty as the Royal Asscher Cut. The new Royal Asscher Brilliant Cut is inspired by the 74-facet Cullinan I, which is also known as the First Star of Africa and is set at the head of the Sovereign’s Sceptre. Combining the visionary master cutting of Joseph Asscher with modern technology and computer modelling, this latest diamond cut is described as “looking into an endless glistening pool of mirrors”.

The new Seventy Four collection of Royal Asscher Cut engagement rings, presented at JCK Las Vegas, is the first to feature both the original Royal Asscher Cut and the new Royal Asscher Brilliant Cut. With an unrivalled heritage encompassing legendary diamonds and the absolute pinnacle of craftsmanship, this beautiful selection of engagement rings is sure to win the heart of any bride-to-be. 

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