New Video: Maria talks to Jade Jagger about her Never Ending jewellery collection to be launched exclusively with 1stdibs

Artist, sculptor and jewellery designer, Jade Jagger creates large, bohemian pieces where the stones are – naturally - the kings.

Jade Jagger discusses her confident and bold new Never Ending jewellery collection telling Maria, “There is a naturalness about women that I like and I feel that being true to yourself is important. I want to inspire women to be confident with their true

The Jewellery Editor took the video team to record Maria's interview with Jade Jagger as she launches her new jewellery collection called Never Ending. And fortunately for us, Jade Jagger loves talking jewels, particularly with another jewellery fan like Maria.

In this video, Jade Jagger shares the inspirations behind this dramatic and very original collection that launches exclusively with "It was very exciting to work together with 1stdibs to create something that I felt was especially for them," Jade tells us. "This collection is very much about the stones and seeing them in their true glory. They are really large pieces and you can see all of the world within the stone."

Jade, who started out as an artist and sculptor, is interested in the three- dimensional element of jewellery, evident in the outsized sapphire cuff, carved from one single piece of this precious stone.

"This collection is different from the usual way that we approach stones, where we're looking for the eye of the stone, the most clear point.  For me, it was about the entirety, the never-ending quality of the stone and following the shape of the crystalline structure.  So that's how I came to this architectural shape that also obviously follows the body and the form of your fingers," explains Jade.

"I feel that there is a sort of throwback to the 1970s in Never Ending and a bold, slightly bohemian feeling at the same time as being glamorous.  I was always very inspired by my mother (Bianca Jagger) and father (Mike Jagger) and the mentors around them in the 1970s and early 1980s, like Diana Von Furstenberg and Halston," says Jade.

Made to worn with confidence these jewels are for a woman who is looking for stones with soul and a story to tell. 

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