Jewels of the Crown: the regal new collection from Indian jeweller Zoya

Zoya narrates tales of aristocracy and centuries of royal decadence through its precious new Jewels of the Crown collection, writes Preeta Agarwal.


By Preeta Agarwal

On 11 May, surrounded by Delhi's glitterati and royalty, the exquisite diamond boutique Zoya, from the House of Tata, launched its latest collection, Jewels of the Crown. Through these regal new pieces, Zoya narrates tales of aristocracy and centuries of royal decadence to appeal to its discerning clientele, who place great importance on design.

Nisha JamVwal, Zoya's Luxury Consultant and a leading socialite, hosted the enchanting ball and royal banquet at The Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi, recreating a royal grandeur surrounded by Delhi's most elite circles, who dressed in ballgowns and wore their most impressive baubles.

"There has always been a symbiotic relationship between royalty and jewellery. This new collection takes its inspiration from the royal era. People often ask me what the USP of Zoya is and I say it is a luxury brand that spells trust and creates heirlooms," says JamVwal.

As the name suggests, the collection travels back in time to recreate the aura of the regal era, with jewels crafted from gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones such as emerald, tanzanite and rubies. Each piece is unique and reinforces Zoya's emphasis on style and craftsmanship.

Representing the various monarchies of Europe, the necklaces mirror iconic tiaras of the time. Featuring exquisite enamelling similar to that found on the famous Fabergé Romanov eggs - a trademark of certain noble houses - the collection sees white enamel delicately cloaked in rich gold and diamonds. Emerald drops are suspended from pressure-set diamonds and delicate earrings dazzle with diamonds and opulent gold, paying tribute to their Royal heritage.

Walking inside Zoya's boutique, elaborate window displays showcase the new collection thematically. A meticulous combination of fabric and threadwork to make the jewellery really stand out, it reinforces the fact that Zoya is not merely a jewellery store but a fascinating gallery of fine art, where indulgence comes alive in fine designs of gold, diamonds and precious stones.

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