Green reigns supreme: jewels for a brighter world

Serene green is the colour of hope, healing and safety so it is no wonder it is one of the favourite jewel colours of this tumultuous year.

Shay emerald choker on model

Green, the colour of meadows and summer glades is one of the most restful colours for the eye and gazing at an emerald, tsavorite or verdant tourmaline has a similar effect. Green stones have the power to assuage guilt, helpful in reducing anxiety and they also symbolise growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

Lily dew ring by Gubelin
This open ring from Gubelin, inspired by morning dew on a lily features the calming green of a beautiful tourmaline cabochon.  

Emeralds, the green stone par excellence were first discovered in Egypt, long before the Spanish Conquistadores were won over by the mesmerising green stones from Colombia. Queen Cleopatra’s emerald mines may be depleted but the beautiful green stones that came from the desert between the Red Sea and the Nile were a symbol of the Greek queen who relished the glamour and power of these most precious stones of the Roman and Ptolamaic world. Our love of green stones has never waned and once Colombian emeralds seeped through the early trade routes, they became a favourite of the Mughals, entranced by the stone that so vividly captured the colour of Islam.

Ileana Makri chrysoprase necklace
Set with a chrysoprase framed by delicate diamonds, this necklace from Ileana Makri features a long chain decorated with chrysoprase beads. 

As well as emeralds, tsavorites, peridots, tourmalines and chrysoprase are other green gemstones that embody our desire for calm and protection.  Here is a selection of jewels from around the world that will bring a soothing balm to both the wearer and admirer.  This goes hand in hand with the trend for jewels with talismanic qualities of protection and amulet-like forms. Bring the two together and you have the winning combination for a year fraught with the Covid-19 pandemic and all the uncertainty it has unleashed.



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