Gift ideas for women: Christmas video of our favourite earrings under £10,000

From lapis lazuli to blue topaz, scarab wings to multi-coloured sapphires, our favourite earrings under £10,000 will make unique Christmas gifts for her.

Great jewellery should be evocative and, like everything Stephen Webster does, he manages to combine exquisite workmanship with a very cool look in his Ladystardust sapphire earrings.

As a wise man said, you can never have too many pairs of earrings, and he is the jewellery expert at Christie's by the way, so he should now. No need to worry about size - just be sure if she has pierced ears or not.

As their name promises, these Cloud Nine Nocturnal earrings by Annoushka, the British jeweller, are divine (£6,900). The midnight blue of the lapis lazuli contrasts with the delicate diamonds set around the voluptuous drops. Exotic with a hint of glamour, only 24 pairs have been made as part of the Annoushka/24 limited editions series.

I really like how these Astley Clarke Fao earrings (£6,750) sit with the stones facing out and almost flat against the jaw bone thanks to their clever construction. The look is a nice balance between flowing organic shapes yet they retain a ladylike elegance thanks, I think, to the quality of the London Blue - yes, that is a colour - topaz and the diamonds.

You really have to know that she likes bugs and has a taste for the unusual as these earrings by Dutch sculptor and jeweller Bibi van der Velden are rather different. The drops are in fact beetle wings and this is why their fluorescent shimmer is so magical. Bibi assures me that no insects were harmed in their making and that they were all ethically and humanely sourced. And they are super light and easy to wear.

I have never known de GRISOGONO to fail to get the party started, and these Gypsy multi-hoop earrings (£9,700) are no exception. They are big, bold, exuberant and so very sexy, exactly what you would expect from a pair of de Grisogono earrings.I can imagine Gina Lollobrigida wearing these with a very low-cut dress.

I'm a David Bowie fan so I immediately got the reference when I saw these new Stephen Webster Ladystardust earrings. I'm sure you remember the lightning bolt make up across Ziggy Stardust's face that shoot through these dramatic earrings in yellow, orange and red sapphires. Great jewellery should be evocative and looking at these I can hear the song in my head with Ziggy and his spiders from Mars. Yours for £7,750 and, like everything Stephen Webster does, he manages to combine exquisite workmanship with a very cool look. 

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