Fledgling Parisian brand Morphee Joaillerie captivates with a whimsical new collection of jewellery

Pamela Hastry, the designer behind Morphée Joaillerie in Paris, creates delicately crafted and entrancing jewels that capture ephemeral moments in time.

Morphée Cherry Tree Blossom ring in pink gold with sapphires, diamonds and pink opals

Specialising in custom-made and limited-edition pieces, Morphée Joaillerie creates luxurious and whimsical jewellery with a non-conformist edge.

The brainchild of Belgian designer Pamela Hastry, who sells her jewels by appointment only from a showroom on Avenue de l'Opéra in Paris, the latest Morphée collection inhabits a verdant natural world in which cherry tree blossom trails down the finger and blooms on the ear, an emerald grape vine weaves its way between the fingers and a swallow swoops across the hand. Each piece is inspired by its own story and, through delicate craftsmanship, captures ephemeral moments in life.

Pamela's jewels emerge from imagined stories centered around the mythical character of Morpheus (Morphée in French), also known as the God of dreams in Greek mythology.

After training at Kingston University, the Instituto Europeo di Design and the National Federation HBJO, Pamela worked for a number of international jewellery brands before setting up Morphée Joaillerie last year.

From London to Paris via Antwerp and Rome, she seeks inspiration from every corner of the world. Drawing upon her interest in art, elegance, design and human nature, Pamela uses her knowledge of precious stones, high craftsmanship and the latest jewellery-making techniques to create pieces that combine elegance with a sense of history.

A certified gemologist, she has a passion for gemstones and is fascinated by the aura and poetry that emanates from every stone. All the jewels in her collections are handmade and limited to seven editions, adding to the feeling of exclusivity.

An intricate butterfly made out of white gold and diamonds, clinging onto a stream of Akoya pearls, tells the story of two siblings who, every Sunday, would chase the fluttering insects at the butterfly pavilion, while a brilliant constellation of diamond stars evokes starstruck lovers admiring the twinkling night sky. Morphée's custom-made pieces are a unique alternative to off-the shelf jewels designed to stir up the feelings and memories of each individual client and provide a breath of fresh air in a busy modern world.

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