Cora Sheibani and her Cactus jewels

A keen cactus grower, Cora Sheibani has incorporated the forms and colours of these spiky succulents into a sleek yet unique collection of gold jewellery.


Swiss jewellery designer Cora Sheibani has been inspired by cacti for her latest collection of jewels. A keen cactus grower, she has observed the forms and colours of these spiky succulents and created a series of chunky jewels in gold and precious stones.

The traditional 'étoile' setting technique mimics the spikes of a cactus and surrounds tsavorites in a star pattern, set into a chunky gold ring. Black-flecked nephrite, with tactile nubs protruding from the green stone reminiscent of cactus paddles, makes up the links of a bracelet. An all-gold bracelet echoes the forms of a Texan cactus with its bulging ridges. This bracelet and all the other catctus jewels are made with generous amounts of gold. Smooth finishes and careful workmanship make for a sleek yet very unique look. When did you last see a cactus bracelet?

Based in London, Sheibani designs her singular jewels in the capital, which are then crafted in select workshops around Europe. This is a further series of her eclectic range of work, which you can see more of here. 

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