Chaumet summer chic: as easy as un, deux, trois

Maria Doulton divulges her top tips for nailing the French look with three summery new styles of Chaumet jewellery.

Chaumet Liens Diptyque necklaces and bracelet

The Place Vendôme jeweller offers three steps to immaculate French style with three new summery styles of Chaumet jewellery

Hortensia Aube Rosée pink opal and diamond bracelet
Chaumet Hortensia bracelet in pink gold, set with Angel skin and pink opal, one round-cut pink sapphire and brilliant-cut diamonds (POA). 

Even on the hottest day in July, French women have a knack of always getting their look just right. From their carefully composed pout all the way down to their espadrilles, our chic French cousins know that choosing the right summer jewels is key to breezing through the holidays. And you, too, can get the look with these three easy steps to finding the perfect jewellery for the warm months.

And it really is as simple as one, two, three, as the Maison has launched a trio of new styles with a carefree attitude. This season, the Liens bursts with refreshing turquoise; the tender pinks of the Hortensia range find new ways to delight; and diamonds sparkle under the sun in the new Joséphine jewels.

Liens Diptyque pendants in rose gold
Chaumet Liens pink gold necklaces set with either mother-of-pearl, turquoise or lapis lazuli (£1,030 each).

Tip No 1: Play with colour

Fresh blue and creamy white look best on sun-kissed skin, as do skinny chains and barely there bracelets. Jeux de Liens offers scaled-down versions of the famous intertwined X motif present in the designs of the house since 1907, in lapis lazuli, turquoise and mother-of-pearl. The slender gold chains and cute, plump X motifs will keep you looking stylish in the sun.


Tip No 2: Seek a shady garden

Sometimes, heading for the shade is the best option, where delicate pastel hues offer respite from the sultry heat. The Hortensia Aube Rosée jewels, with their frosty rose and cool white hues of pink sapphires, opals and rose gold, will offer a fresh break from the midday sun.

Joséphine Eclat Floral diamond ring in white gold
Chaumet Joséphine earrings and ring in white gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds (POA).

Tip No 3: Shine brighter than the sun

Echoing the shape of the classic Chaumet tiara and the famous Le Régent diamond, the new pieces of diamond jewellery in the Joséphine Eclat Floral collection are designed to be worn everyday and will bring out the princess in you. Choose from warm rose gold or cooler white gold for a look that will outshine the stars as the Moon rises over the Riviera.



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