Chaumet bring it all back to Place Vendome

2012 saw Chaumet unveil twelve jewellery sets that make up 12 Vendôme, their high jewellery collection for this year's Biennale des Antiquaires.


When September rolls around this year the most revered jewellery houses in the world will be showing their latest collections in Paris. For this occasion,  Chaumet will unveil twelve separate jewellery sets, each one a part of '12 Vendôme', their latest high jewellery collection.

Taking inspiration from close to home, the collection looks to 12 Place Vendôme, where the Maison has resided since 1780. With over forty creations, this collection aims to combine the classic elements of Chaumet with modern touches. Despite this view to mix the past and present, pieces such as the classic tiaras look fresh and new yet maintain the aristocratic charm they've always had. One of the pleasures of this year's Paris couture week was stepping inside Chaumet and seeing the splendour of the building itself, with tiaras old and new adorning the walls of the grand rooms overlooking Place Vendôme.

As with other pieces in the 12 Vendôme collection, it has been inspired by none other than Empress Joséphine herself, the first muse the House of Chaumet ever had. One piece in particular caught my eye, and that was the aigrette that sports a spray of very coquettish white feathers. The jewel  and can be worn as either a tiara or the central piece featuring a large opal can be detached and worn as brooch or hung from a chain as a pendant. Colour is something that strikes the eye and on show was an entrancing mix of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, purple jade, spinels, all of which echo the rich fire of the central opal. These unusual combinations of stones have majestically been brought to life with a collection that feels timeless in its execution.

One thing that is apparent here, and in few other collections that will be at the Biennale, is the way the jewellery has been designed with a keen eye on the body. When the 12 Vendôme collection is unveiled you will see pieces like extra-long necklaces that caress the hips with rows of pearls or dangle over the shoulders, much like popular pieces of the 1920s. It is with jewellery like this that we see 230 years of expertise come to modern fruition with jewels that redefine the silhouette of the contemporary woman, as well as making their mark on this year's Biennale des Antiquaires.

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