Cartier's Étourdissant collection ends on a high

Cartier unveiled the final, dazzling installment of its Étourdissant high jewelry collection during Art Basel Miami.

Cartier Étourdissant white gold, opal, sapphire and diamond bracelet

Amid the glitz and glamour of Art Basel Miami, Cartier revealed the final installment of its Étourdissant high jewelry collection. The Maison unveiled a further 21 one-of-a-kind pieces at one of the world's leading art fairs, in a follow up to its presentation of Cartier jewelry in July in the south of France, and in November in Singapore. 

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The Étourdissant collection is inspired by the French Riviera - famous for its saturated colors, and play of light and shadow - and the new jewels continued that theme. With the Maison's extraordinary artistry and gemstones, the collection includes pieces that riff on many of its iconic motifs and styles, including Art Deco and the panther, but realizes them in a wholly modern way.

Cartier Étourdissant collection necklace, featuring a 174.52 carat amethyst alongside amethyst beads, fire opals, onyx, emeralds and diamonds, set in platinum. Photo: Vincent Wulveryck, copyright Cartier

Standout pieces from the latest installment include a long Cartier necklace of amethyst and fire opal beads, which elegantly cradles a 175 carat amethyst cabochon with a Cartier panther languidly lazing on the top as though basking in the sunshine. The panther in the Étourdissant Art Deco-style brooch is more predatory. The emerald-eyed creature prowls atop a beautifully faceted, three-dimensional rock crystal, complete with baguette diamonds and a cornflower-blue sapphire cabochon.

A 189 carat opal with mesmerizing swirls of purple, pink, green and blue recalls the glittering depths of the ocean. The irregular setting suggests the gem is being consumed by its wide cuff, which consists of a complex mosaic of purple sapphires, emeralds, and pavé diamond triangles.

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Cartier Étourdissant bracelet, featuring a 55.91 carat peridot, onyx and diamonds, set in yellow gold and platinum. Photo: Vincent Wulveryck, copyright Cartier

Elevating an everyday object, the humble button has inspired a boldly realized Cartier bracelet. The usually flat circles are slightly curved and divided into two parts, joined together by a bridge of gold "thread" that passes through the holes. The piece, which contrasts the hot lime green of an impressive peridot with onyx and diamonds, took 530 hours to complete. 

Cartier has enjoyed a long relationship with Art Basel Miami. The annual event attracts a heady mix of many of the world's leading artists and luxury brands. Together with Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany and Panerai joined the likes of fashion's Valentino and Louis Vuitton to hold events during this year's fair.

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