Bulgari's dazzling Mediterranea high jewellery launch

Eclectic, opulent and audacious, Bulgari's Mediterranea is a kaleidoscope of high jewellery wonder.

Bulgari Scandebergs Southern Radiance Muse necklace necklace Bulgari Mediterranea

Bulgari takes us on an imaginary voyage across the Mediterranean Sea. We are transported through time and space by the dazzling Mediterranea high jewellery and watches launched in Venice in June 2023. 

At the crossroads of civilisation and the great trade routes of the Renaissance world, Venice has a rich history reflected in the opulence of the Mediterranea jewels. In Venice liberal ideas flow in with the tides and art reaches new heights thanks to enlightened patrons and the great wealth generated by the sea merchants. Channelling this spirit, Bulgari chose the magnificent Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel for the launch.

The Bulgari Mediterranea Muse necklace, from the Bulgari Mediterranea collection, beautifully depicts the fluidity of waves through diamonds, sapphires, and aquamarines.

The Mediterranea is a kaleidoscope of gemstone creations that brings together three themes of Southern Radiance, Roman Splendour and East Meets West. Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari Jewellery Creative Director is not one to shy away from infusing jewels with strong emotions, expressed in bold colours, daring tonal combinations and exaggerated volumes. She says of the collection: "This high jewellery collection is a homage to the Mediterranea beauty and essence in all its forms. For me, being in the Mediterranea region is an awakening of all senses and a real inspirational experience. The architecture, the nature, the people, I am eyeing beauty everywhere. Is an inspiring melting pot, where many different cultures and societies have mingled and enriched each other over centuries. Our hospitality and open-mindedness are rooted in this history." 

Bulgari's Roman Esedra necklace from the 2023 Mediterranea high jewellery collection evokes the geometric elegance of Ancient Rome. Credit: Scandebergs 

Evoking the drama of Southern Italy's coastlines, an ocean blue, 15.13-carat cushion-cut sapphire sits at the centre of Mediterranea Muse necklace from the Southern Radiance chapter. Alive with the motion of the waves, cascades of diamonds and sapphires roll over the platinum torque structure and give way to aquamarine drops. 

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A majestic 66.88-carat holds centre stage in the Southern Sapphire necklace surrounded by a lace-like structure shimmering with diamonds. The necklace, which brings to mind the stark beauty of the white villages of Apulia set against the blue of the sea, took 1,650 hours to make in Bulgari's Rome high jewellery atelier. 

In the Roman Splendour chapter, we travel from the romance of the seas to the timeless architecture of ancient Rome. The Roman Esedra necklace effortlessly captures the geometric rigour of Ancient Rome in a sautoir with a hexagonal pendant set with an exuberant combination of a 68.88-carat emerald, diamonds, amethyst and turquoise. 

The Acanthus Emerald necklace features 136 diamonds and seven beautifully saturated drop-shape emeralds totaling 33.59 carats, inspired by the carved facade of the Altar of Peace in Rome.

The Ara Pacis or Altar of Peace built by the Roman emperor Augustus is the inspiration for the Acanthus Emerald necklace. The acanthus flowers carved into the white marble façade of the altar are interpreted in over 136 diamonds and seven exquisitely saturated drop-shape emeralds totalling 33.59 carats.  The classic beauty of Rome is alive in this meticulously crafted necklace. 
Like a protective third eye, the 37.14-carat Maharaja emerald beams out its spiritual force in the Emerald Lotus necklace. The necklace channels the style of Indian jewellery and in particular the lotus flower motif. Ripples of diamonds and bands of emeralds flow around the central stone in this deeply symbolic necklace that took 2,200 hours to make. 

From the Southern Radiance chapter, pink sapphires adorn this choker-style necklace from the Bulgari Mediterranea collection of high jewellery. Credit: Scandebergs

Colours explode and dance in the East Meets West chapter that celebrates the lavish silks, rugs and spices of the Orient that made their way to the port of Venice. The Oriental Buds necklace and matching jewellery watch capture the allure and exoticism of the Mughal Empire and Byzantine architecture in luxurious diamond pavés combined with vibrant pink tourmalines, sapphires and emerald beads. The jewellery watches conceals a dial behind a 5.65-carat Colombian emerald. 

Another exceptional watch from this collection is the Giardino Marino high jewellery watch that is a window into the wondrous underwater world. The cuff watch is teeming with bejewelled fish, gem-studded starfishes and jewel-tipped sea anemones and sponges. 

The Giardino Marino high jewellery watch is a window into the underwater world. 

No Bulgari collection is complete with a snake. The Mediterranean Sapphire Serpenti necklace features nine Sri Lankan sapphires that like scales, sit on the reptile's diamond-set body. A further 80 oval sapphire beads form a tassel that hangs from the serpent's mouth in this powerful jewel.




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