Brumani jewellery: native Brazilian gemstones star in the new Baobab collection

The Baobab tree lends its name to this mouth-watering collection from Brazil's Brumani jewellers, which has attracted a legion of young celebrity fans.

Brumani Baobab rings in yellow gold with rose, smoky and lemon quartz.

The new Baobab collection from Brumani highlights the bounty of Brazilian gemstones and the country's unique festive spirit. Founded in 2005 by the Brüner brothers, the three siblings have built on a family tradition of jewellery making that spans more than half a century. Descendants of Italian and German immigrants, artistic talent runs thick through their veins having grown up in their father's jewellery workshop. 

The Baobab jewellery collection, christened in honour of the exotic African tree that was transplanted in Brazil, plays with the colours, shapes and watery reflections that emanate from the crystal waters that surround and nurture the tree.  With a predominance of delicate pink, yellow and light blue stones, these Brumani jewels are bound to put the wearer in a sunny mood.

Delightful gold pendants dangling with large cabochon-cut stones are available in pastel tones of aquamarine, rose and lemon quartz, surrounded by pink tourmalines and brown diamonds.

The thick, often cylindrical trunk of the Baobab tree, commonly referred to as the 'tree of life', inspired the collection of stackable rings, which can be mixed and matched according to your mood. If you're looking for a real statement piece, the unique stud and drop earrings fit the bill with a design that references both the Baobab tree and its surrounding scenery.

Contemporary, colourful and conspicuous, it will come as no surprise that Brumani jewellery already counts celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Katy Perry and Emily Blunt among its many fans. 

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