Jewels for a blue Yule

Topaz, aquamarine, sapphire and lapis lazuli jewellery that is cool enough to match the temperature outside.

Sapphire jewellery for Christmas Chaumet crop

The weather outside might be frightful, but we have some lovely blue diamond jewellery that is truly delightful. Take your pick from sapphires, opals, aquamarine and topaz for jewels cool enough to match the temperature outside this Yuletide. 

1. Autore
Couture pearl, sapphire and diamond cuff

Silvery-white South Sea Keshi pearls of various sizes are joined by 52 rough sapphires, 1,266 white diamonds, and 804 blue sapphires to create this show-stopping diamond cuff from Autore’s Couture collection. Like all designs from the Australian pearl expert’s Couture collection, this is a one-off design that will be making its way to just one tree this Christmas. 

2. Chaumet
Lumières d’Eau diamond and sapphire earrings

Elaborate white and yellow gold settings set the scene for a selection of gemstones in these sapphire earrings that are both cool and warming. The blue hues are created by white diamonds and graduating blue sapphires, with two magnificent Ceylon sapphires weighing more than 6.00cts featuring at the head of the design. The warmth is courtesy of round, baguette- and pear-shaped yellow sapphires. This is a perfect pair of diamond earrings to dazzle friends with in front of a roaring fire.  

3. Kiki McDonough
Luna aquamarine, diamond and gold ring

The way the light shimmers through this aquamarine cabochon from the Luna collection by Kiki McDonough is positively glacial. The smooth gemstone is held in place by two loops of diamond-set yellow gold, with four solid claws for extra security, and would make a perfect companion on chilly evenings out. 

4. Buccellati at Harrods
Dream 9 yellow gold, diamond and sapphire cuff

At the centre of this diamond cuff by Italian goldsmith Buccellati is a striking blue sapphire. The coloured gemstone has been placed in a decorative white gold and diamond setting that fans out across the solid yellow gold cuff. The surface has been textured with the brand’s signature engraving technique, while the inside is polished to perfection.   

5. Glenn Spiro at Harrods
Titanium, diamond, lapis lazuli and kunzite cuff

For a truly dazzling piece of diamond jewellery, check out this statement cuff from British jeweller Glenn Spiro. Crafted from blued titanium, the cuff is set with ribbons of white diamond pavé, while central panels of stacked lapis lazuli beads lead into a large pink kunzite, which contrasts beautifully against the blue. For those of you on the hunt for truly unique jewellery this Christmas, this would make a gift to remember. 

6. Gaelle Khouri at The Talisman Gallery, Harvey Nichols
Caterpillar diamond and sapphire ear cuffs
£2,065 each

Solid gold spines work their way up these unusual sapphire ear cuffs from Lebanese jeweller Gaelle Khouri’s The Garden of Earthly Delights collection. Spiking out from the caterpillar-inspired cuffs are solid silver legs, set with either blue sapphires or white diamonds. The diamond and sapphire cuffs are sold separately but can be worn singly or as a pair.  

7. David Marshall
Beach Rocks Octopus opal, sapphire and diamond necklace

Evoking the mysteries of the deep, a shimmering blue opal has been set into the centre of this Octopus diamond necklace by David Marshall. The long, sapphire-studded legs of the sea creature can be seen wrapping around a diamond pavé pendant. The pendant and chain have been crafted from white gold, and look a little further up the chain and you’ll find an extra sea creature in the form of a blue sapphire and diamond starfish.

8. Fei Liu
Whispering blue topaz earrings

Two glittering 4.00ct teardrop-shaped gems hang from these Whispering blue topaz earrings by Fei Liu. The shape of the white gold earrings, which have been darkened with rhodium plating, is inspired by the twisting form of orchids. For an extra flash of blue, six tiny blue sapphires have been set among a sprinkling of diamonds.  

9. Shaun Leane at Harrods
Aerial aquamarine and diamond necklace

Looking at this dramatic diamond necklace from the house of Shaun Leane feels as though you’ve caught sight of a bird at the exact moment it has decided to spread its wings and take flight. The uplifting design features diamond-set prongs of white gold that spread out into a fan of marquise-cut aquamarine gemstones with a total weight of 4.82cts.

10. Lily Gabriella
Infinitas rose gold and sapphire earrings

The swirling vortexes of these sapphire earrings, which have been made by hand in Milan, are studded with deep blue gems. On the lower and upper sections of the chandelier, the metal has been darkened to dramatic effect, but the warm tones of the rose gold beneath shines through in the connecting chains, which have been dotted with even more bezel-set sapphires.

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