Ace Indian couturier Tarun Tahiliani creates a new collection of gold bridal jewellery for Azva

The World Gold Council is reviving the trend for gold jewellery in India with the new "Tarun Tahiliani for Azva' bridal collection.


By Preeta Agarwal

Until the recent proliferation of diamonds in Indian jewellery design, gold was the favourite in India. Yet this precious metal could never lose its charm completely in a country that has been described as the 'sone ki Chidiya' (land of the golden bird) by many poets.

Reviving the magic of gold jewellery, the World Gold Council, which launched Azva bridal jewellery in October of last year, debuted its latest collection last month, created in collaboration with ace couturier Tarun Tahiliani. Known for his ethereal bridal designs and magnificent drapes, the new 'Tarun Tahiliani for Azva' jewels were inspired by the 'Saat Pheras' (seven vows) exchanged by a couple during an Indian marriage ceremony.

The ornate, beautifully articulated collection includes seven-row haars, necklace sets and pendants, all crafted from 22ct gold. Seamlessly blending traditional Indian jewellery-making techniques such as gold granulation, stamping and filigree with ornamentation in the form of gold chains, beads and coins, and accents of coloured stones and pearls, Tahiliani's fashion pedigree is translated into beautiful jewels that give off just the right degree of grandeur.

"The collection celebrates the unique promises a couple make before they vow to spend their lifetime together," says Mrs Vipin Sharma, Director of Jewellery at the World Gold Council. "Redefined through the years, there is nothing that adds royalty, glamour and fire to a design like gold. Tarun Tahiliani agrees: "My designs represent a perfect blend of heritage and modern contemporary ideologies, bringing alive the real essence of the seven vows for the modern Indian bride."

Sets in the 'Tarun Tahiliani for Azva' collection range from 70 grams to over 300 grams. The World Gold Council is partnering with leading jewellery retailers across the country to sell this collection exclusively in their stores for the upcoming wedding season.

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