Romance is alive and well in the new Buccellati Romanza collection of engagement rings

Buccellati has applied its signature ornate craftsmanship to the new Romanza bridal collection of eight engagement rings, including the famous Regato engraving.

Buccellati Romanza diamond engagement ring - one of eight new designs that make up the new Romanza bridal collection

It's already the go-to brand for clients looking for one-of-a-kind designs and now Buccellati is applying its signature craftsmanship to a new bridal jewellery collection.

'Romanza' is the first collection co-designed by Andrea Buccellati and his daughter Lucrezia, who recently became the Italian jeweller's first female designer.

The engagement rings incorporate Buccellati's signature techniques, including a honeycomb pattern similar to the tulle netting in bridal veils, lace detailing and stellar rigato engraving - parallel lines cut into the surface of the gold so that it resembles silk. The fine, net-like textures are further enhanced with a central diamond or three stones to add a magical sparkle to the pieces.

Each piece is the culmination of countless hours of labour-intensive and meticulous handcrafting by skilled artisans using distinctive Buccellati-owned techniques. 

Comprising eight different ring styles, the bridal collection was inspired by iconic muses in European literature, including Ginevra, of Lancelot and Ginevra, Antiope of Queen of the Amazons, Beatrice of Dante Alighieri, Carlotta of Elective Affinities, Titania from Midsummer Night's Dream and Bradamante of Lodovico Ariosto.

The full collection of Buccellati Romanza engagement rings will be available exclusively at Buccellati boutiques in the US, Europe and Asia from the end of 2014.

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