New addition to the collection of De Beers engagement rings is a modern ode to love

Gold and pavé diamonds intertwine to form an everlasting symbol of love in the new Infinity round diamond engagement ring from De Beers.

The Infinity, the latest De Beers engagement ring, feature a gently curved infinity figure of eight to symbolise the timeless vows a couple exchange with one another.

By Åse Anderson 

The graceful, feminine design of the latest De Beers engagement ring features a gently curved infinity figure of eight, or lemniscate as it is also known, that symbolises the timeless vow a couple make to each other. The infinity symbol represents the constantly evolving nature of love and the commitment to making it last forever.

Set with a round brilliant-cut solitaire diamond, the De Beers Infinity ring joins De Beers' growing collection of gorgeous engagement rings. Available in platinum, this brand-new De Beers engagement ring fits neatly beside the De Beers Infinity band - launched at the end of 2013 - for an even more radiant effect.

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Known as The Jeweller of Light, De Beers has more than 120 years of diamond expertise. Each De Beers engagement ring goes beyond the 4Cs of carat, clarity, colour and cut, capturing the unmatched fire, life and brilliance of the very best diamonds. 

Each piece is certified with a De Beers passport, which documents the specifications of your diamond jewellery and acts as a guarantee of its responsibly sourced provenance.

The new De Beers Infinity round diamond engagement ring will be available in stores from April. 

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