Christie’s to sell part of Al Thani Collection in Maharajas and Mughal Magnificence Sale

Landmark sale of 400 Indian jewels and objects on 19 June at Christie's New York  that represents a fraction of the exceptional Al Thani Collection.

  • This spectacular diamond turban ornament was made in 1907 and later remodelled in 1935 with 152.6 carats of diamonds and a spray of white feathers and would have been worn pinned in a ruler’s turban. 
  • Capturing the splendour of the Mughals, this diamond and spinel turban ornament (circa 1800-1850) would have been worn by a Mughal ruler over his turban with the spinel dangling at a jaunty angle. 
  • Made in 1850, one can imagine the dazzling spectacle it would have been to see the Nizam of Hyderabad wearing this necklace shimmering with diamonds under the Indian sun. 
  • The finial from Tipu Sultan’s Throne speaks volumes of the level of ornamentation and opulence in every detail of palace life. Made between 1785-1800 it was commissioned by the ruler of Mysore.
  • Originally in the collection of the Nizam of Hyderabad, one of the richest men in the world at the time, the Golconda diamond rivière necklace (circa 1890) has over 200 carats of highly prized Indian diamonds ranging in size fro 9.9 to 24.38 carats. 
  • René Boivin emerald and aquamarine starfish brooch estimate: $70,000 -  $100,000
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