Richard Mille's high-tech watches for 2013

Dubbed the 'watch F1', Richard Mille once again launches a selection of watches incorporating cutting-edge materials and pioneering design.


Richard Mille used this year's SIHH to unveil more finely tuned timepieces made from cutting-edge materials. Often dubbed the 'watch F1', its 2013 watches continue in the spirit of the brand's previous horological milestones, such as the 2003 Tourbillon RM008 and Rafael Nadal's lucky Richard Mille timepiece.

Richard Mille watches feel like every millimetre has been scrupulously engineered to remove any unnecessary element, which, despite their size, makes them among the lightest timepieces in the world. The most exclusive and limited model launched at the SIHH was the RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire, limited to just five pieces. The RM 56-01's entire case has been cut and milled from blocks of solid sapphire, which means you can see the intricacies of the manual winding tourbillon movement in close-up. Meanwhile, the bold RM 59-01 Yohan Blake was created as a tribute to the eponymous Jamaican sprinter. In yellow and green - Jamaica's iconic national colours - the case is made of a translucent composite composed of injected carbon nanotubes.

If those two pieces are similar in style to the Rafael Nadal calibre, the Richard Mille RM 039 Flyback Chronograph has been designed for those looking for a more classical men's watch, infused with the Mille engineering nous. Limited to 30 pieces, the baseplate and bridges are made from an alloy that is 90% titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium - tough, resistant, and unbelievably hardwearing.


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