|  04 feb 2016

In our digital age little surprises us, yet I was delighted by these three mechanical creations, that I spotted at the SIHH, the luxury watch show in Geneva.

So while most of the world may look to the next upgrade on the latest electronic gadget, there is a little corner of Europe, that looks to the past, to innovate.

The Drive de Cartier, a new watch for men, once again manages to innovate, yet retain the very soul of Cartier, which is precisely what keeps the spirit of this brand alive.

The Roman numerals, the harmonious k shape, the DPH dial, the blue sapphire cabochon crown and the richness of detail make this très cartier.

Now here is an elegant ambassador for the Swiss mechanical watch industry, while the shape may remind you of a smart watch, it has a traditional, mechanical heart and will require no upgrade, other than the occasional new strap. And it neatly sums up the argument of longevity vs disposable technology time quite of longevity versus disposable technology.

Time, quite literally runs wild in this amazing clock created by master watchmaker and restorer, Michelle Parmigiani in association with French glassmaker Lalique.

Windup the mechanism and the mare and the foul start to gallop, as 2,200 components all created and put together by hand, work in perfect synchronicity.

Although we can't stop time, we can still enjoy mechanical creations made using technology, from another era.


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