Maria Doulton: Christmas is a time to really push out the boat, so if you're intending to spend £10,000 and you're looking for a necklace, here is our top line up.

Chaumet, the Place Vendôme jeweller, is known for its very feminine designs and the newest collection is the Hortensia.

Claire Roberts: It's really beautiful, very light to wear, fashionably long and it's openwork rose gold with tiny little hortensia flowers. It's so pretty.

Maria Doulton:  De Beers has just brought out the Aria collection. The inspiration goes back to their reputation of being the jeweller of light. So what the designers have done is they've taken the way that light dances around a diamond and interpreted it in gold and, of course, diamonds.

Measuring over a metre in length, the Piaget necklace, which the French call a sautoir when it's this length, is really distinctive. It's got the openwork gold roses with a little diamond at the centre.

Christine Pasquier: The little design of the flowers with the diamond at the centre on each of them makes it quite striking but easy to wear as well. 

Maria DoultonThis necklace from Boodles, from the Blossom collection, is set with almost 1.50 carats of diamonds, and it's really pretty how the little petal motifs are clustered and all shimmering with diamonds.

Blossom is a theme that Boodles has been using over the years, and I like the way they've set this with diamonds but it sits quite high, so it makes a nice statement.

This little pendant by Graff features the firm's icon, which is a little fan shape. The diamonds are beautifully set and what's more, even though it's quite petite, it really shines out and that is because Graff is really an expert when it comes to diamonds.

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