Maria Doulton: Hello, and today I'm in Rome and I'm here with Cartier, who are showing us their new collection of high jewellery and it's called Sortilege. Sortilege comes from the French word 'sourcier', which means an enchantress or a sorcerer, a witch of some sort, but in the best possible sense because what this jewellery is about is enchanting and beguiling and the way you fall in love with something almost as if by magic.

I'm with Pierre Rainero, who is in charge of culture and heritage at Cartier. Pierre's going to tell us about the new Sortilege collection. 

Pierre Rainero: Sortilege is an evocation of power that comes from the stones as compared to the power that comes from fragrances. So there's a kind of enchantment, which is common to both stones and fragrance. It's totally unconscious.

It can also be very sensual and, in fact, we are here at the heart of the power of jewellery because, as you know, in high jewellery everything starts with the stones and with the effect that those stones provoke.

Maria Doulton: Like fragrances, those that are most wonderful are those that surprise, and this jewellery surprises because it is a very rich mixture, isn't it?

Pierre Rainero: Yes, and also I think surprises come from the fact that we use probably stones that are not used on a regular basis in jewellery, and associated also in a very specific way.

There are two ways of looking at the stones. Of course, you have stones that are rarely used, and then there are stones that are used but not in that kind of cut. They have very interesting cuts like flower petals. 

In fact, we decided to use them as really the centre of a totally creative flower.

Bernard Fornas: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and friends. It's a great pleasure for me and a great honour to welcome you here in Rome in this absolutely superb villa.

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