• address: Village Mall, Avenida das Americas, 3900 Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - 22640-102
  • tel: +55 213 252 2578

Ara Vartanian was born into a family of jewellers from São Paulo and grew up surrounded by precious stones, learning techniques and gaining experience that would later inspire his own creations. He began designing jewellery in 2000 and immediately developed an unmistakable style, creating bold and challenging designs. From his workshop in Brazil, Ara Vartanian has become known for his use of innovative techniques, such as inverted diamonds, the double and three-finger ring, and his distinctive Hook earring design.

The Ara Vartanian boutique at Village Mall opened in 2013 and was the designer’s first store in Rio. The concepts behind his jewellery encompass ideas about shape, singularity, precious stones, and the intrinsic power of enriched geological material becoming an emblematic piece - all in the pursuit of purity, uniqueness and innovative transformation. 

Why visit? Why visit?

To experience a brand that believes in the importance of uniting fine jewellery with architecturally intelligent spaces. 

The boutique sells only Ara Vartanian jewellery. Although overseas shipping is available, it does depend on the request, and online purchases can only be made in the US via and

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A range of custom-made bridal jewellery is available.

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  • address: Village Mall, Avenida das Americas, 3900 Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro