• address: 7 Carlos Place - W1K 3AR
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Jessica McCormack’s chic but irreverent attitude is evident in both her fabulous jewels and in the interiors of her elegantly louche and highly cultured approach to luxury. Museum-worthy contemporary art and furniture share stripped-wood floor space, alongside quirky antiques and an eclectic mix of auction house finds. Serenity rules as, despite the quirky mélange of past and present, kitsch and sleek, valuable and treasured, Jessica McCormack curates her finds with the eye of a confident collector. Little sprays of wild flowers dropped into glass bottles adorn windowsills, a book is left open on a desk, and scented candles perfume the air adding to the feeling that this is very much Jessica’s home. Sink into the deeply upholstered sofa and, over a cup of tea, take your time looking at elegant yet highly original jewels inspired by the skyline of New York, diamond wings that sweep up the ear or, in the whimsical Victorian tradition, acrostic jewels that spell out coded messages.

The townhouse comes into its own for those seeking a unique engagement ring. With a sculptural bronze piano created by Based Upon artists playing in the background, and with a fire crackling, I can’t think of many more romantic places to ponder buying the diamond of your life.

Why visit? Why visit?

This has to be the hippest place in London to buy properly fabulous diamond jewellery. It’s the place for you if the stuffy traditional jewellery shops of old are not your thing, and you have large amounts of cash to spend on beautiful yet highly original jewels.

With jewels as unique and exquisite as these, it is not surprising that each and every one is made in workshops in London, overseen by Jessica. Originally based in Clerkenwell, East London, Jessica is very much in touch with London’s jewellery-making heritage and she employs the very best for making her jewels. This gives the owner the pleasure of knowing that she is unlikely to bump into anyone else wearing the same ring, emphasising the true meaning of exclusivity.  

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"When people buy an engagement ring, it is often their first introduction to diamonds," says Jessica McCormack. "It can be daunting, so we want people to feel comfortable and make the experience as relaxed and as fun as possible." And that is exactly what she has achieved in her Carlos Place townhouse in Mayfair. And if settling into one of the plush sofas with a cup of tea is not enough, McCormack’s clients are often treated to champagne brought from the Connaught Hotel across the road. For bespoke rings, Jessica meets with the clients and designs each ring herself.

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  • address: 7 Carlos Place
  • tube: Bond Street