The new masters of jewellery at Masterpiece London

Masterpiece London welcomes newcomers whose jewellery creations dazzle with both design brilliance and exceptional gemstones.

  • Bringing a new look to fine jewellery Fabio Salini's Cerchi earrings with pearls, diamonds and carbon fibre are both eternal in their simplicity yet bravely daring in their combination of materials. 
  • Alive with movement thanks to the lightness of the construction and rippling, gem-covered forms, Cindy Chao’s 2018 Black Label Masterpieces XII and XV Emerald Feather Brooches are made from titanium, yellow gold and silver and set with emeralds, yellow diamonds and tsavorites. Each jewel takes over 10,000 hours to complete.
  • This flawless D colour 50-carat round brilliant is the biggest of three exceptional diamonds in Chopard’s Garden of Kalahari necklace (POA). A suite of jewels was created from the D Flawless 342-carat rough found n Botswana. 
  • Newcomer to Masterpiece, Moussaieff showed this necklace with a whopping 180.86-carat Sri Lankan sapphire, a 144.51-carat Colombian cabochon emerald drop and a 22.20-carat natural pearl along with 42.90 carats of emeralds and almost 70 carats of diamonds set in platinum,.  
  • Based in the United States, British antique jewellery dealer Simon Teakle presented this Belle Epoque diamond necklace that is not signed but is likely French and probably once converted into a tiara but the frame has since been lost.
  • Fernando Jorge Surround tagua nut bracelet
  • -
  • Chanel Coromandel Horizon Lointain necklace

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